Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Google Investing Millions on Human Powered Monorail System.

Google's Investment for the Future "Google Motion"

Two years ago, the search engine giant, Google Inc., made headlines by announcing Project 10^100: a global call for ideas that would change the world by helping as many people as possible. Over 150,000 ideas were submitted, and "drive innovation in public transportation" was voted one of the five winning concepts.
In response, Google searched high and low for a company that had the most forward looking vision for the transportation industry, as well as the expertise to bring their futuristic ideas to life.
What they found was Shweeb: a space-age transportation device that combines the unique properties of monorail with recumbent cycle technologies. Shweeb get its root from the German word “schweben,” meaning to “float” or “suspend.”
So now the internet giant, Google Inc. is laying the groundwork for something totally new to offer the world. They recently came out with the demonstration of its driverless car, which uses artificial intelligence to run the machine. The car which sailed from its office at Mountain View campus to Santa Monica office and on to Hollywood Boulevard, making the total journey of this wonder car of about 140,000 miles, making this first of its sort experiment
In total Google demonstrated a group of seven cars which cover almost 1000 miles without human intervention. The robotic cars that were used in the trial run were the hybrid versions of Toyota Prius, and one Audi TT. This next generation car is fitted with almost all the major scientific gadgets like video cameras, radar sensors, a laser range finder, and detailed maps which are used to navigate the road ahead.

Google Inc. had taken the services of the major engineers from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), who has worked their best for the development of this marvelous machine. Effective care has been taken on the safety mechanisms. The driver's seat is not left vacant, and a trained software operator is seated in the car to monitor the software programming.

The makers of the car are claiming it to be the future wonder in the automobile sector. As this machine would make the journey time more pleasant and will also result in lowering the accidental rates. Though, today the project is in infancy but holds lots of promises for the future and if the advancement in the Artificial Intelligence is properly harnessed, this is likely to be what the future transportation will look like.